Technology Partners for Remote ID Development Announced

On May 8, the FAA sent an email to clarify their recent press release regarding the development of a Remote ID Cohort. Their original email led to confusion among the model aviation community as to what the development of the Cohort meant for the proposed Remote ID rule. The FAA clarified that the Cohort is not part of the decision-making process for the proposed Remote ID final rule. Their mission will be to help the FAA develop technology requirements for other companies to develop applications needed for Remote ID. The FAA is still in the process of reviewing the more than 53,000 comments submitted regarding the proposed rule.

The companies, selected through a Request for Information process in December 2018, are Airbus, AirMap, Amazon, Intel, One Sky, Skyward, T-Mobile, and Wing.

AMA has been advocating for our hobby throughout the entire Remote ID rule process, including applying to be involved in this initial group. However, AMA was not selected due to the technology and communication-based requirements that we do not meet as a community-based organization. Although not selected as a member of the Cohort, we will continue developing our existing partnerships with companies involved, Congress, the FAA, and other industry partners to find common sense solutions for Remote ID requirements that work for our community.

Please continue to monitor your email and for updates regarding remote ID.

For an update on AMA’s Government Affairs advocacy work, listen to episode 34 of the AMA Podcast