Submit a Formal Comment to the FAA’s Proposed Remote ID Rule

On December 26, the FAA released a proposed rule for remote identification of UAS. There are several areas of concern with the proposed rule that AMA will be pushing back on and we need your help advocating for change. We encourage everyone to submit a comment to the FAA’s proposed rule for remote ID. The comment period is open until March 2, 2020. AMA has drafted multiple templates that you may use as guidance when forming personal comments. When writing your comment, please identify your own concerns with the proposed rule. It is important to provide a summary of how the proposal will impact your model aircraft operations and include data to back up those concerns. For example, use numbers and address the financial impact the proposal will have on you and suggest alternative solutions.

Please submit a formal comment to the FAA as soon as possible.

To submit a comment, go to the remote ID proposal page on the federal website here. Click on the green “SUBMIT A FORMAL COMMENT” button at the top right-hand side of the page. Complete the form and click on the “SUBMIT COMMENT” button at the end. Please note that comments and information provided are public knowledge. Click below to use the drafted templates to express your concerns. You may submit more than one comment.

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: General

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: Registration

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: Education

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: Amateur-Built Aircraft

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: FPV

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: Internet Connectivity

Template Comment on UAS Remote ID: Law Enforcement

Please take into account that these are templates that can be used to frame your individual thoughts on the NPRM. All comments are taken into account and every comment matters. Contact our government affairs team at 765-287-1256 or with any additional questions or concerns. The latest information can be found at Aviation, and on social media.