FAA Letter of Agreement Questionnaire Due June 16, 2019

Thank you to the club officers who have already participated in the FAA’s new process to establish letters of agreement between clubs in controlled airspace and Air Traffic Control for flying sites in controlled airspace, as required by the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018.

In fact, thanks to your support, we have submitted information for over 200 clubs to the FAA to establish letters of agreement. We still have about 100 more clubs to go and will be working diligently to finish submitting those too.

Please know that we continue to work with the FAA to prioritize these letters of agreement and ensure that clubs can continue operating safely as they always have.

As such, we have been told by the FAA that they will honor both verbal and written agreements with ATC for the continued safe operation of model aircraft clubs in controlled airspace. This should ensure that there is no interruption in your club’s ability to operate. (For the long-term, you will still need a written letter of agreement with ATC– this is what the new process mentioned above is designed to help with.)

Nevertheless, if for some reason you do have issues with a local tower or airport, please let us know so we can help resolve the situation. In fact, earlier this week we were able to help re-open two clubs in the Denver area that were previously shutdown due to misinformation.

If your club flying site is located in controlled airspace, please check with your club officers to ensure that your club’s questionnaire has been submitted.  All FAA questionnaire submissions will be due on June 16, 2019, any submission after this date could delay the LOA process for your club’s flying site.

As always, please contact us at (765) 287-1256 or amagov@modelaircraft.org with your questions and concerns.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.
Academy of Model Aeronautics