Keep Up the Great Work!

Emails and phone calls are pouring into offices on Capitol Hill.  This campaign has been very strong and gaining momentum, opening the door for discussions with representatives, senators, and organizations looking to support AMA and the hobbyist community.  It’s critical that we don’t stop letting our representatives know the devastating effects these new regulations will have on our hobby.

As you have likely heard, this proposed FAA Reauthorization bill puts our community under the authority of the FAA, which means the agency can, at any time, impose additional regulations on model aircraft. In addition, the bill specifically imposes a 400’ altitude limit on model aircraft operating within the programming of a community-based organization (CBO), which could potentially curtail long-standing AMA competitions and events that support local charities and non-profits. These and other changes will make it even more difficult to fly and will stifle the broader benefits of model aviation to STEM education and the broader aviation community.

Given these additional, burdensome restrictions, we are asking AMA members to contact their members of Congress to express opposition to the bill.

After contacting Congress, we encourage you to view a comparison between the current aeromodelling requirements versus the proposed restrictions found in H.R. 302.  Please share this call to action with friends, family, and others who enjoy this great hobby!

Regardless of the outcome of the reauthorization process, AMA will continue to work with Congress and the FAA to fight for relief from onerous regulations for our members.

Thank you,
AMA Government Relations