We Need to Tell Congress About Our Great Charity Work!

We need your help! Right now, Congress is considering a bill to set priorities for the FAA. This bill includes the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, a provision that allows AMA members to fly under our safety guidelines.

We know that most of our clubs across the country host charity events throughout the year, and many of these events provide essential financial resources to those in need. If Congress isn’t careful, they could create changes to Section 336 that would take away a vital funding source for these organizations.

That’s where you come in, we are asking that you reach out to charity and/or veteran assistance organizations you have worked with in the past, and request that they let Congress know of our good work. Please have the charity or charities provide you with a signed letter and charity logo. Send it/them to amagov@modelaircraft.org, and feel free to contact AMA for assistance at (800) 435-9262

We have provided template letters in the two links below, but please feel free to customize the letter to your specific organization and event.

Click here for a charity letter template
 Click here for veteran assistance letter

Thank you in advance for sharing your remarkable charity work, and thank you for assisting AMA in protecting and preserving The Special Rule for Model Aircraft (Section 336).

AMA Government Relations