A Successful Year in Model Aviation Advocacy

2017 was an immensely successful year for our AMA Government Affairs team. From engaging with legislators at all levels to championing additional Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) waivers, AMA was actively involved on many fronts to preserve our hobby. Model aviation faced many challenges, as we addressed an increase in government involvement and proposed regulations. Your membership helps support AMA’s government advocacy, including our legal team and lobbying effort.

We’ve prepared a report to give our members a brief summary of the outreach and legislative efforts achieved last year to protect model aviation. We’re grateful to advocate for our AMA members, who helped make these victories possible. Join us in a quick look back at the impact we made together to protect our longstanding hobby.

Thank you again for your support! Please continue to monitor your emails, social media, and modelaircraft.org/gov for new information and be ready to contact your elected officials when the time comes. Together we can continue to enjoy this hobby for generations to come.


AMA Government Affairs