FBI Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Outreach

As you know, we have been enjoying our great hobby safely and responsibly for over 80 years. Unfortunately, there is now some concern that extremist groups could use drones to inflict harm and cause serious damage. The FBI has contacted AMA as part of their routine community outreach to ask for our help in staying ahead of this threat. We are honored to assist in the FBI efforts and, in fact, our hobby has a strong history of helping them in the past.

To learn more about our hobby, and help identify the good guys from the bad guys, FBI agents may visit some local AMA clubs soon. As all members and clubs are ambassadors for AMA, we encourage you to welcome any FBI agents that you may encounter and answer their questions.

We also want to help the FBI learn more about our hobby and AMA’s commitment to safety. [As such, if you are approached by the FBI, be welcoming and if appropriate consider offering flight time with a model trainer and AMA instructor.] This is a good opportunity to show someone new to the hobby the basics of RC flying. We highly encourage you to give the FBI an overview of our safety guidelines.

In addition, the FBI has asked for AMA members to be vigilant and help identify any unusual behavior. If you feel someone or something is in immediate danger, call 911; if the threat is not imminent, call 855-TELL-FBI. Please refer to the attached FBI brochure for more information and contact phone numbers.

Lastly, we ask that you please contact AMA government affairs at 800-435-9262 and let us know if you are visited by the FBI or arrange a flight time with them. We’d be glad to assist with whatever you need.

Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

AMA Government Affairs