FAA Registration Deletion and Refund

We wanted to make you aware of an opportunity to receive a refund for your FAA registration fee and to have your information deleted from the FAA’s database. As you may know, a federal court of appeals struck down the FAA’s registration requirement for recreational model aircraft in May. More information about this decision is available on the AMA Government Affairs Blog. 

The registration fee refund ($5) is available to everyone who operates under the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, including AMA members, and to those who did not already receive a refund during the initial grace period.

In order to receive this refund and have your information deleted from the FAA’s database, please print and fill out this form on the FAA’s website and mail to the address below. If you have already received a refund during the grace period but would still like your information deleted, you must still fill out the form.

FAA Civil Aviation Registry
PO Box 25504
Oklahoma City OK, 73125

For more information on this issue, please visit the FAA’s website here. As always, please feel free to reach out to AMA with any additional questions.

AMA Government Affairs