Hobbyists Exempt from Nevada UAS Tax

The Academy of Model Aeronautics would like to thank our members for helping communicate our opposition to the proposed UAS tax in Nevada. Due to our combined efforts, a hobbyist amendment has been created which will make all hobby aircraft exempt from this tax.

In addition to our communications, several AMA members wrote and attended the commission meeting on this tax. The commissioners acknowledged that the proposal as originally written was unclear, and due to AMA efforts they added an amendment. This advocacy effort is a great example of what we can accomplish when we all pull together.

The following statement was sent to AMA regarding the proposed UAS tax:

Recently we became aware of the concerns of the Academy of Model Aeronautics regarding the proposed regulation, particularly whether the regulation is intended to apply to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) owned by hobbyists. Let me reassure you that the regulation is not intended to apply to UAS that is considered to be recreational equipment. To underscore that point, the Department has submitted a proposed amendment to the regulation which clearly states that the term “aircraft” subject to the regulation does not include “small unmanned aircraft systems qualifying as exempt recreational equipment pursuant to NRS 361.069(4)(a)(7).” Please see the attached amendment, as well as a copy of the full proposed regulation.

Terry E. Rubald
Deputy Executive Director
Department of Taxation
1550 College Parkway
Carson City, NV 89701

Read the full amendment here.

Thank you for supporting the Academy of Model Aeronautics!
Kind regards,

AMA Government Affairs Team