AMA invited to White House

As you may have seen in the news, earlier this week the White Housed hosted the first ever UAS workshop. AMA’s Government and Regulatory Affairs Representative Rich Hanson was honored to be invited by the White House to participate in this event and join in the conversation about UAS policies and the future of aviation.

At the event, AMA announced our commitment to partner in the development of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for the Know Before You Fly campaign in order to help educate the general public about UAS education. In the months ahead, AMA will be working alongside the Sinclair Broadcast Group and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International to create and distribute these broadcasts nationwide.

In addition to AMA, the event included high level participants from NASA, the FAA, the Department of Interior and top level executives from the UAS industry. AMA had the opportunity to share our experiences and decades-long history in working with the model aircraft community to ensure safe and responsible flying. We look forward to continuing these discussions with government and industry leaders and working collaboratively with the aviation community to keep our airspace safe and accessible for everyone.

We are excited for the future of model aviation and AMA’s leadership role in the world of UAS! You can learn more about the workshop at


  1. While Rich is at the White House tell him to tell the Obama Administration to kill hobby FAA registration. I don’t think registration would have happened under a Republican Administration. Make Rich earn his keep. The AMA has still lost this battle until hobby registration is killed. Don’t gloat over your imagined victories.

    1. Oh – politics… I believe people who fly quadcopters over forest fires, forcing aerial fire fighters to be grounded have more to do with this than Obama, or the Republican majority house and Senate.

      1. I’m surprised everyone let this go by unchallenged, so I’ll give it a try.

        I believe politicians will always use a few isolated incidences driven by a small but vocal group of constituents to unleash the bureaucracy of government needlessly on the people.

    2. Republicans are more prone to paranoia. A republican administration would have banned all these scary, wireless, flying things 🙂

      1. Not so much paranoia but rather a more closed and less inclusive mind-set. You can only have an open inclusive world with an open mind !

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