FAA Reauth Passes the House

We want to share with you another promising development related to FAA reauthorization. Late yesterday, the House passed a 14-month FAA extension. Importantly for our hobby, this extension preserves the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (the AMA amendment included in the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act) through September 2017.

AMA aggressively engaged with both the House and Senate during the drafting process to achieve the best possible result for our members. The bill affirms our right to continue to fly within AMA’s community-based safety program and free from additional government regulations, as Congress continues to recognize the importance and safety commitment of community-based organizations like the AMA. While the problematic language that existed in earlier FAA bills has been removed, this bill does not nullify the registration requirement.

We expect the Senate to vote on the extension, and the President to sign it into law, sometime this week. Once this happens, the status quo will remain in effect for our members through September 2017.

We will update as soon as the FAA extension is signed into law.

Thank you for your continued support of AMA.