AMA’s Voice Gains National Exposure

We are continuing to share our concerns and disappointment with the FAA Registration Process in the national and local media.  Below are many of the media outlets that have interviewed the AMA or shared our position in the 48 hours after the FAA registration announcement on December 14, 2015.


FAA begins drone registry Dec. 21 for remote-controlled aircraft, USA Today, December 14, 2015

FAA to Require Most Drones to Be Registered and Marked, The Associated Press, December 14, 2015

FAA to Require Most Drones to Be Registered and Marked, The Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2015

New FAA rule requires drone owners to register by Feb. 19, Reuters, December 14, 2015

U.S. FAA to Charge $5 Drone Registry Fee Starting Dec. 21, Bloomberg, December 14, 2015


New U.S. FAA rule requires drone owners to register by Feb 19, Yahoo! News , December 14, 2015

FAA to require most drones to be registered and marked, The Seattle Times, December 14, 2015

Everyone who owns a drone will now have to register it with the FAA, Mashable, December 14, 2015

Drone registration takes flight as FAA adopts new rules, Market Watch, December 14, 2015

That drone under your Christmas tree will have to be registered with FAA, The Washington Post, December 14, 2015

FAA announces drone owners must register by February 19th, 2016, The Verge, December 14, 2015

FAA to require consumer drone registration from next week, PC World, December 14, 2015

Get Ready To Register Your Drone With The FAA On December 21, Tech Crunch, December 14, 2015

You Must Register Your Drone With the FAA Starting December 21, Gizmodo, December 14, 2015

Drones Will Now Have to Be Registered With the Government, TIME, December 14, 2015

If you’re in the US and have a drone, you’ll want to register it as soon as possible, Quartz, December 14, 2015

Drone Registration Rules Are Announced by F.A.A., The New York Times, December 14, 2015

Public will be able to search drone database, The Hill, December 14, 2015

Recreational Drones Must Be Registered Under New Rule, NBC News New York, December 14, 2015

FAA announces drone registration rules, KMOV St. Louis, December 14, 2015

FAA to require consumer drone registration from next week, Computer World, December 14, 2015

FAA unveils UAS rule, begins drone registry Dec. 21, GPS World, December 14, 2015

FAA unwraps drone rules for the holidays, Politico, December 14, 2015

FAA announces drone registration rules as report highlights soaring dangers, FOX News, December 14, 2015

Obama Administration Launches Drone Registration, CNS News, December 14, 2015

The FAA Will Require Registration For All Drones (UAVs) Starting December 21, 2015, Popular Photography, December 14, 2015

That drone gift? FAA says they likely need to be registered, The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 14, 2015

US Moves to Register All Drones, Voice of America, December 14, 2015

U.S. Unveils Hobby Drone Registry Rules, Deadlines, Insurance Journal, December 14, 2015

I Read the FAA’s 211 Page Drone Registration Regulation So You Don’t Have to, Motherboard, December 14, 2015

Feds Will Require $5 Registration Fee for Drones, The National Journal, December 14, 2015

No Longer Just A Toy: Regulators Say Drone Operators Are Pilots, NPR, December 14, 2015

Drone Registration Rules Unveiled: How To Register Your New UAV Free Before The February Deadline, International Business Times, December 14, 2015

Rise of the Drones, The Los Angeles Times, December 14, 2015

Drone owners must register with FAA, starting December 21, CNET, December 14, 2015

Buying a drone? Got insurance? Registration?, The Morning Call, December 14, 2015

Drone owners get Christmas surprise from FAA: you will have to register to fly, The Guardian, December 14, 2015

Drone Registration in the US: How to Register Your Drone Online for Free, MIC, December 14, 2015

FAA Announces Registration Rule For Drones, Ask Men, December 14, 2015

Got a drone? It’s registration time, says the FAA, Ars Technica, December 14, 2015

FAA To Require Drone Owners To Register Online, CBS News, December 14, 2015

FAA drone registration program takes flight on Dec. 21, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, December 14, 2015

Giving a drone this year for Christmas? Better tell the FAA…, New Jersey Star-Ledger, December 14, 2015

Here’s How to Register Your Drone With the FAA, Fortune, December 14, 2015

FAA sets out official drone regulations with Feb. 19 registration deadline, Apple Insider, December 14, 2015

These are the new rules for drone owners, Fusion, December 14, 2015

Own a drone? You have to register it with the FAA, Komando, December 14, 2015

FAA announces drone owners must register by February 19, 2016, or face fines, New York Daily News, December 14, 2015

Here’s What You Need to Know About Registering Your New Drone, Huffington Post, December 14, 2015

Getting a Drone for Xmas? You’ll Have to Tell the Feds, Wired, December 14, 2015

Federal Aviation Administration Announces Mandatory Drone Registration, Tech Times, December 14, 2015

Critics threaten lawsuit over drone registration rules, The Hill, December 14, 2015

FAA introduces unworkable drone registration rules in time for Christmas, The Register, December 14, 2015

If Santa Brings You a Drone, You’re Going to Have to Let the FAA Know About It, New York Magazine, December 14, 2015

FAA Announces Registration Rules For Drone Owners, New Hampshire Public Radio, December 14, 2015

Surprise! FAA requires hobbyists to register drones, KPCC Los Angeles, December 14, 2015

Drone owners must now register with the FAA, NBC Nightly News, December 14, 2015

Channel 5 News at 6, Harlingen, TX, December 14, 2015

Al Jazeera News, December 14, 2015

WMBF News Today at 5:30am, Myrtle Beach, SC, December 15, 2015

11 News at Noon, Colorado Springs, CO, December 15, 2015

KREM News at Noon, Spokane, WA, December 15, 2015

Expecting a drone this holiday season? The FAA wants to know about it., Christian Science Monitor, December 14, 2015

Register your drone, then insure it, Consumer Affairs, December 15, 2015

By FAA decree, all current drone owners must register with the government before February 19, Digital Trends, December 14, 2015

Drone Registration System a Boon to Commercial Operators, Inside Unmanned Systems, December 15, 2015

Drone questions up in the air, Tribune-Star, December 15, 2015

FOIA fight looms over drone database, Politico, December 15, 2015

FAA Says: Get Ready to Register Your Drone, Yahoo! Tech, December 14, 2015

Dem senator to feds: Go further than drone registrations, The Hill, December 14, 2015

Drone holiday gifts may cause insurance headaches, Chicago Tribune, December 15, 2015

Toy Drones Must Be Registered With the Government, U.S. News and World Report, December 14, 2015

US hobbyists ‘must register drones’ from 21 December, BBC, December 14, 2015

Feds now requiring tax, registration for private drones, Washington Times, December 14, 2015

I’ll Register My Drone When You Have to Register Your Gun, Motherboard, December 14, 2015

FAA tries to force drone owners to register, Minnesota Public Radio, December 14, 2015

FAA Gets Serious About Drones, Defense One, December 14, 2015

FAA Announces Its Small Drone Registration Rules, eWEEK, December 14, 2015

FAA Announces Mandatory Registration for Drones, Newsplex Charlottesville, December 15, 2015

FAA outlines official US drone regulations, Streetwise Journal, December 15, 2015

Will FAA’s New Drone Regulations Be Enough?, Tech Void, December 15, 2015

FAA announces new drone regulations ahead of holiday influx, FOX 8 Greensboro, December 14, 2015

FAA Releases Drone Regulations, KRGV Rio Grande Valley, December 14, 2015

Got a drone in the United States? You’ll need to register it by February, Stuff, December 15, 2015

Drones: Recreational/Hobby Owners Web-based Registration Process, The National Law Review, December 15, 2015

Drone owners must register with the FAA or face stiff penalties Voice Herald, The Voice Herald, December 15, 2015

FAA announces drone requirements, Fox 4 Dallas, December 15, 2015

FAA REQUIRES DRONE REGISTRATION, The State Journal, December 15, 2015


  1. Yeah, but even if the AMA is mentioned at all, it’s merely a re-statement of the “disappointment” etc. Worse yet, many are just repackaged repeats of just a handful of interviews.

    1. Correct – while some of the news stories are repackaged, we did speak directly with many of these news outlets including on-air interviews which are not represented here. The goal of this post to let you know that your hobby is part of the national conversation.

      1. Then the statement that precedes this list is deliberately misleading. It says “Below are many of the media outlets that have interviewed the AMA….” I repeat: “…that have interviewed the AMA…” So not all of these media outlets ACTUALLY interviewed the AMA? Don’t embellish. It just hurts already bruised credibility.

        1. There is no intent to mislead or embellish. We did have staff that talked to many of these operations. The goal of this post is to demonstrate that we are working to make public the concerns about this overbearing registration process.

          1. It’s simple. If you were actually interviewed, then you can say that the following is a list of media outlets that “interviewed” AMA. If there was no interview, they don’t belong on that list. Perhaps a second list where “AMA was mentioned” or something like that. It’s about being accurate.

            The organization’s credibility is at stake as you can easily see from the posts on this and the two other stories. You need to be much more careful about posting statements that are 100% precise and accurate.

            I would think the media agency we’re paying would have sensitized staff to the importance of being accurate with both external AND internal communications.

          2. Seems like our interpretation of “interview” is causing the confusion.

            Let’s agree to move our focus back toward the real issue which is to resolve this registration process that is in violation of Sect 336.

      2. Chad,
        In order to get some really nationwide coverage, perhaps the AMA should contact the Rush Limbaugh program, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin national radio talk show programs.
        What the FAA is attempting to do is literally shove down our throats another government over reach!
        Going to CNN or Fox news really doesn’t get the effect we need.

        In the mean time I appreciate the AMA’s efforts to protect our flying privileges.
        I am also a full scale private pilotand EAA member and have seen the FAA’s over reach against the EAA also.
        Many of us in the general aviation community have a saying about the FAA
        Quoting the FAA “We are not happy until you are not happy!”
        The FAA has always been a rather forceful and over reaching organization, and looking back just over 20 years as an EAA member, I still vividly recall what they did to world reknown air show pilot Robert A. “Bob Hoover”
        But under the present Obama administration they have become more of a “rogue” government agency
        I am speaking about the upper management types of the agency, not the ATC’s and others who do a magnificent job of keeping aviation safe!
        Several years ago the FAA wielded it’s over reaching powers on the EAA and almost forcing an end to that years airshow unless the EAA marched to the FAA’s drums!
        One of the other things AMA members can do is to contact their congressional representatives and emphasize their disappointment with this much to powerful agency, the FAA.
        Just to bring up a point that this will strongly effect is, we all know that the participation of the youth of this country in model aviation and full scale aviation is falling off.
        This overreaching ruling by the FAA will only make this situation worse!
        America’s future lays in today’s youth.
        We, the AMA members and the management of the AMA itself need to take the responsibility to protect these youngsters and to work to give them a better future!

      3. Safety in AMA membership numbers is what might have avoided this situation.
        For decades I’ve offered to prove that I have a plan to bring in large numbers of new AMA members, if anyone is interested. No matter how much exposure AMA gets, it won’t do any good because of the fear of crashing (failure). Solve that problem and growth is assured.

        I am still available to help provide proof of this plan.
        The hobby/sport you save might be your own.

  2. 89 interviews in 48 hours? Sorry. Don’t buy it. Many don’t mention AMA at all, several are just posting of AP or Reuters story under a new headline.

    1. Unfortunately the news media continues to cut staff as print and broadcast entities merge into larger conglomerates. Yes some of these stories are repackaged – it is the world we live in with fewer and fewer independent media outlets. The intent of this post is to share that our hobby is part of the national conversation.

      1. Then don’t say that you gave interviews that in fact you didn’t give. That’s dishonest.

        1. Sorry for any confusion, but I respectfully echo the statements we made earlier that we did engage with many of these media outlets. Our goal is not to mislead you.

  3. Talk is cheap. I’ve been an AMA member and avid flyer for 10+ years. What I expect to see on the AMA blog is a post saying that the AMA is pursuing litigation to try and stop the FAA’s illegal regulations. If the AMA is not going to do this, they should stop pretending that they are a community organization that acts in the interests of its members, and admit that they are really just an insurance company.

    1. We understand your disappointment. The AMA has made many victories stopping legislation federally and locally. We will continue advocate for our members including addressing the FAA registration process.

      This post simply indicates that public relations and media exposure is just part of the process to bring to light that this is unrealistic and overly burdensome.

    2. I agree, cheap talk. The only way to protect the airspace from RC is to interfere with the signals. i.e. jam it or detect then jam. This should be an FCC issue not FAA. The FAA can’t stop anything, they can only tax us. The FCC could allow exemptions for jamming secure facilities, that would actually protect something instead of collecting $$ while giving the majority of people a false sense of security, it’s all about perceived security and will do very little if the real threat is ever actualized.

  4. No on is very interested in “our voice” going on the local news, etc. When is the AMA going to seek a restraining order?

    1. We are tackling this from many different directions. Public relations and media exposure is just one moving part.

      1. You should understand by the feedback you have gotten to date that the AMA needs to fail to file for a restraining order *very soon*, like before Dec 21.

        Once the registration process becomes active, the horse has left the barn. If I was cynical, I could believe that this was dumped on us at short order, right before Christmas, to preclude action. The AMA knew FULL WELL that this was coming for at least a month, so “we need time to study our options” is not an acceptable answer.

        The NAR fought the BATF and won, the AMA had better at least try to fight the FAA, starting NOW.

      2. And, I would add – you still have a QUADCOPTER AD on the front page of the website!

  5. How come none of these articles mention that this covers our 5 dollar foamies as well? Has the AMA mentioned this during the last few interviews?

    1. Great point. Yes, numerous times in live on-air interviews and in print such as Popular Science we have stated aircraft weighing 250 grams easily belong in the toy category. The FAA/DOT Task Force weight limit of 250 grams is unrealistic and overly burdensome. More importantly, we believe weight should not be the only determining factor to trigger registration. AMA has said before that the capability of the aircraft – for example, whether or not it can fly beyond the operator’s line of sight – should also be a factor in determining the threshold for UAS registration.

  6. Oh yeah, AMA GAINS NATIONAL EXPOSURE- are you serious? As a what? A failure,thats what. Absolutely a disaster to our hobby,a hobby that is in severe decline. Registration is always the answer-followed immediatel by further draconian legislation. I am seriously considering quitting the hobby. The FUN isnt worth the aggravation.

    If by any means,those of you running this organization take the rediculous stand that, oh, you know it could be worse-we are now prepared to ASSIST the FAA to STREAMLINE this plan, you had better have another form of income. Rest assured, the membership IS not happy. Anything short of current AMA membership satisfying the requirements-WITHOUT, the AMA releasing personal information to the FAA is an utter failure of the management. Sort of that,the money allegedly spent was a waste. The drone education program,at least by the FAA’s response was yet another total waste of membership dollars. The alleged goal of the governments plan is to be able to EDUCATE the “drone community”.( my interpretation) Rest assured, safety overall will not improve and further draconian measures WILL occur. AND- now there is a LIST.

    Where is the injuction? When is the lawsuit being announced? All I see is a defeated organization aquiescing to big government. Maybe you can get DJI or Amazon to finance your next political action, its highly unlikely you will receive further support from me via post 2016 dues. I doubt that I would get refunded for dues already paid. Hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable. If I wanted to go back to work, I’ll use my existing FAA certificate and fly REAL AIRPLANES.

    1. We are addressing the FAA Registration from many different angles. This post simply indicates that public relations and media exposure is just part of the process to bring to light that this is unrealistic and overly burdensome.

      1. Chad, I am sure that you are a very nice person and I give you credit for coming on the blog and responding to all us hot-heads. I very much doubt you are doing this to get rich and I’m sure you could do without the aggregation.

        The anger (yes, anger) being outpoured on these blogs (yes, even by me) is almost certainly caused by frustration (sorry, meant anger) with the government, and is just being splashed onto the AMA. What could we honestly expect you to do against the government that is deaf to the cries of the citizenry?

        Don’t roll over. Don’t lie to us. Don’t tell us it’s raining when they’re pissing our backs.

        That’s all we could ask. And we’ll respect you for the honest effort.

        1. Understood.

          I want to be as transparent as possible, but on the other hand we at the AMA do not want to show all of our cards. We are exploring all of our options.

          What I can tell you is that we are responding directly to the FAA and are advocating changes and exemptions to the registration process. Some of those changes are being implement to make it easier for our members.

          We are exploring alternative actions as well and how this infringes on Section 336.

          1. Now, I am not an attorney,but a career in law enforcement,has provided me quite a bit of valuable experience reading laws and understanding EXACTLY what was intended by the legislating body.

            ————————– SEC. 336. SPECIAL RULE FOR MODEL AIRCRAFT.
            (a) In General.–Notwithstanding any other provision of law relating to the incorporation of unmanned aircraft systems into Federal Aviation Administration plans and policies, including this subtitle, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft, or an aircraft being developed as a model aircraft, if–

            I dont have a Juris Doctor, but please explain to me and all the other disgusted members of this association how: MAY NOT PROMULGATE ANY RULE OR REGULATION REGARDING MODEL AIRCRAFT- can be even remotely turned into to- REGISTRATION.

            Honestly, whoever the AMA has retained for legal representation,should be SUED for legal malpractice. Furthermore, IF legal action is planned, I seriously doubt that a statement by the AMA “assisting the FAA to streamline the registration process” – would assist our cause in Federal Court. Sir, I understand that you are in a very awkward position- but frankly, its obvious that the AMA was clearly outgunned. If the AMA doesnt show a formal legal challenge soon, why should we continue to support the AMA?

            Personally, I’d rather commit an act of OMISSION than COMMISION. Do Not encourage the membership to REGISTER before a judge has decided our fate. Its far easier to DO than UNDO- lets not step on the very slippery slope that leads to a bottomless pit of draconian control by a hungry government. PS: why didnt the FAA charge me for my Pilots Certificate,yet they want a fee now?

          2. Ok, but don’t we already have one lawsuit over that issue, and how’s that working out so far? Wasn’t it Einstein that said the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result? Seems we continuing to do the same things.

  7. We all have to pay for a few idiots flying quads. The AMA jumped on the quad band wagon because it looked like a path for more revenue for the AMA. Just look as the last issue of MA. I would not be a member if it was not required for sanctioned events and the Nats.

    There is still no clear answer on if Free Flight, model rockets or control line pilots have to register. If the answer is yes, then please explain why. The first two you have no control over, it’s a point and release. For control line pilots the plane never goes above I think 70 ft.and attached to the pilot. Makes no sense.

    1. Hey, idiots fly planes and helicopters, too. Do you really think multi rotors are the sole purview of idiots?

      I’m sick to death of all the DRONE hate on this site. I expect it from the MSM, but I thought we’d have a better attitude here. There are responsible pilots (yes, pilots, just like you) that choose to fly multi rotors, whether it be because of sight limitations (like me) or skill abilities (like me) but still want to experience the thrill of MODEL AVIATION (just like you).

      What needs to be done is to thump the idiots when they’re being idiots. In other words, punish people for what they do, not what they might do. Without going on a diatribe the root cause of the problem is our ability to punish evil (though that would seem to be hyperbole in this context) and reward good, and our ability to recognize and identify one from the other. This immediate cash and power grab by the government is just a symptom. The fish rots from the head.

      But I digress. I am just asking you to curtail the DRONE hate. We can start by calling them multi rotors. At least you called them “quads” (a specific case of multi rotors), so maybe we can count on you to help spread the multi rotor LOVE.

      1. Hi John,

        The others are bitching because it’s so easy for people to get off the shelf products and fly them immediately. It’s not like the old days when you went to a hobby shop with your son and chose a hobby. Some hobbies required help and guidance based on the hobby you chose. How many of those hobby shops are left compared to online, off the shelf, and lets go flying? Few! The aircraft frame is not the issue. The technology is, because every person in the world can buy and fly immediately, no matter what airframe it is. That is the problem…Looking forward to someone flying an electric stunt plane over me, nevermind the docile hovering quadcopter

        It’s doesn’t matter, per FAA, we are al drones now.

      2. You are correct John idiots fly all sorts of aircraft. That is why I said a few not all. But this whole thing got fired up with people buying quads (they are not Drones) from places like book stores and on line shopping sites. Then flying in airspace of real aircraft. I have not flown a quad but have put on a FPV headset with someone else at the controls and agree it was cool. Also I have friends that fly them. So not calling all quad pilots idiots.
        But it’s sad all pilots are being punished for a few idiots.

      3. John, I respectfully disagree with your premise. DRONES, multi rotors,semiautonomous or autonomous UAS sysrems ARE THE PROBLEM. I will agree stupidity has no cure. But its not helicopters or model airplanes that are flown with NO SKILL involved. The airspace intrusion concerns are camera equipted drones- period. The vengeance of this group is justified. Further, just take a look at the majority of advertisers on the AMA website and Publications.

        The fact is,there are NO pictures of helicopters or fixed wing aircraft on the FAA PDF guiding what is and what isnt subject to registration. DRONES,DRONES,DRONES- are what is in the press lexicon. A clear violation of CONGRESSIONAL LEGISLATION is obvious. This administration has trampled the US Constitution since day ONE. There are times to pick your fights and this is now the time. There is clear and obvious evidence of BIG GOVERNMENT all over this plan. The AMA has failed the membership. I personally have stated my opinion on this subject many times. I will not try to “curtail my drone hate”. Drone flying niwits are the problem and our legal representation has miserably failed us. That sir, is the reality.

        I have jumped through the FAA’s hoops in the past and even after a $20K investment on a very high quality number of RC Helicopters, I absolutely refuse to just take this without expressing my rights defended by the Constitution of this failing country. You are correct- fish does rot,but as a whole. We sir will rot and our hobby will continue to decline if we dont stand up against this nonsense. Sorry, I couldnt care less about multi rotors or whatever else they are referred to. We are at a critical point in this activities history,this latest HOBBY TAX is just the beginning. Mark my words.

        1. T.Bert. I have been an AMA modeler for decades flying sailplanes and powered aircraft. A few years ago I started flying multirotors, not because they were “easier” but because they served the purpose of more stability for aerial photo. I never have flown beyond line of sight, I never have flown in the vicinity of full scale aircraft. The ability to fly autonomously does not interest me. The auto stability and GPS return to home is nice but I do not rely on it either. I am always a split second from full manual mode if necessary. I am well aware that a few knukleheads have done some ignorant things but I believe that it has been much overblown by the media and an excuse to gain control of all RC by the Feds. If I am not correct, explain why they didn’t just target multirotors, and sidestep all of this AMA controversy? Blaming a feature or a multirotor aircraft as the reason for this is misplaced. It might be an excuse but we both know it is not the reason. Try to keep your angst directed where it belongs, an overreaching federal agency. We could use this to our advantage if we opened ourselves up to accepting newbies whatever aircraft they choose to fly. I would love to see the FAA open to the idea of AMA membership in-lieu of federal registration. It would be a win-win for us all. Lastly, if I am not mistaken, the technology you refer to has been available in various other model aircraft for years.

      4. Show one instance in recent times where a model airplane or helicopter came near a comercial aircraft. Please don’t deny facts. If your such an advocate of drone quads then you and your peers must do everything possible to educate those within your hobby.

  8. Classic case of trying to be PC,when this started coming to a head AMA opted to take the high road and refused to have blanket 180,000 members fire bullets at FAA about their policies,but no we had to compose one response at a time,so total response was minuscule. Lesson #1 you don’t allow bureaucrats to dictate to you. They are not elected and they only understand POWER. AMA you missed the boat terribly and you have wrecked a wonderful hobby. I think all those responsible for this disaster should be ousted in hopes of getting some decent not self serving people in.

  9. Nice, AMA compiled all the information right here. Glad to be back in the hobby, and glad to join AMA again.

  10. The AMA leadership needs to step down. They’ve caused enough damage to our hobby and they need to be replaced by real advocates of model aviation. Many of us saw this coming 100 mile away except them. They embraced a technology so vastly different from traditional R/C modeling.Yet their lack of commen sense or just plain arrogance couldn’t see the severe implications.I put the blame squarely on them. Either they step down or hopefully an earnest effort will be made to vote them out.

    1. Peter, I agree with your statement. AMA,had better get busy. If one fifth of the membership-quits,spends the $70 plus dollars on a bottle of nice bourbon or a charitable contribution to our WOUND WARRIORS,yet another group absolutely screwed by our government- the organization will be in freefall.

      Mr, Brudeau, is parsing his words,he is in a bad position. Its not what he and the other AMA minions SAY NOW- its what they DID THEN. Uttter lack of leadership, piss poor legal guidance. Fear of losing valuable advertising dollars from Drone makers and big retail hobby suppliers.”We dont want to show all our cards” well my friend, that card game is over, and the FAA picked your pockets. An epic failure of leadership. I am so disgusted and guess what- try to CALL the AMA. My guess,they left the phone off the hook.

    2. And the problem is compounded when FAA produces quantitative data, and AMA responds with anecdotes, unscientific “analysis”, and at best qualitative data. FAA doesn’t care that we “say” we’re safe, they want to see us prove it. You can’t prove it when you only measure lagging indicators like insurance claims. I’ve recommended a re-engineering of the AMA’s safety management system to align with what FAA is used to seeing, especially with respect to data collection of leading indicators, but so far it’s fallen on deaf ears.

  11. We need to start a recall,for those responsible for this failed organization. They are elected by the membership right?? They are supposedly our representatives right?? Please comment on this,maybe we can get a ground swell going.

  12. I have contacted my representatives stating the content of Rule 336, I’m just one of 185000 members so come on send your representatives a copy of Rule 336 and flood there offices with E-Mail

  13. I’m not a member of your organization, but my son and I want to start a small business with our DJI Phantom II drone to serve Realtors, farmers, and other Northern California interests. I’m having a difficult time understanding why “recreationalists” are currently allowed to fly drones without an FAA 333 exemption permit, yet, if we take money for a job, we are considering criminals if we don’t have the exemption permit. It seems downright UnAmerican to retard small businesses.

    Why can’t the F.A.A. set it up like a driver’s license to read the rules, take a written test on the rules, demonstrate that one can fly the drone safely, and pass or fail the applicant on those merits, then fine them if they break the rules like running a red light? The F.A.A. seems to be the creator of bureaucracy in government. Anyhow, is there any official who can answer this question?

  14. Also, I forgot to add that it seems ridiculous to have to possess a regular pilot’s license to fly a drone. Moreover, I’ve been advised that some are paying licensed pilots to go in on the application, or that just flying a drone qualifies a pilot to upgrade their licenses, since there is allegedly not a distinction between them in the F.A.A. rules.

    If true, this shines the light on more ridiculous bureaucracy inside the walls of the F.A.A.

  15. Perhaps there is an AMA-FAA war. There have been a few disagreements in the past. Sometimes money is the ingredient that feeds disappointment and enmity. The FAA works hard to gather and maintain data concerning aircraft accidents. The AMA does not publish model aircraft accidents to the extent that FAA does. The AMA likes the academic role it occupies and is effective in its objectives. Because one of the AMA member benefits is accident insurance, perhaps a protective watch of accident data is justified. In any event, the powers that be wish to work together to provide safety as its number one goal. It is the hope of the members that the AMA and the FAA will work together fervently to bolster that objective of safety.

  16. As far as AMA increasing membership, national exposure won’t help a bit. No one seems to realize that crashing RC airplanes is the number one fear that prevents the public from seriously even considering getting into this hobby/sport. Problem is, a solution to that problem is thought to be all but impossible. Safety in numbers. 188,000 is not nearly enough, even after so many decades, and the U.S. population of some 325 million, we should have many, many more members. Solutions?

  17. You can thank China for the quads. I saw these a few years ago at Bejiing at their big hobby show. Clunky at that time. Now look at all the ads for them.
    ARFs are another thing. Poor wood and so many laser cut holes in the airframe. Makes me nobody builds anymore. Just Chinese Junk!!Hobby shops closing as online has taken over.
    You can’t even go the hobby shop any more if you need a tube of glue.
    FAA – wait after 3 years when the fees go up –$25??
    What about flying a kite? They can easily fly higher than 400 feet.
    Modeling is dying and AMA with it.

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