AIRBORNE UNLIMITED: AMA preliminary review of FAA’s NPRM

Airborne 02.19.15: AMA v Part 107

Following a preliminary review of the FAA’s outline for the proposed rules addressing the commercial use of unmanned aircraft, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, known as the AMA, said in a statement that, “…regulations relating to the commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems should not apply to the longstanding, educational hobby of flying model aircraft.”


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For the latest information on AMA’s government advocacy efforts visit WWW.MODELAIRCRAFT.ORG/GOV


  1. This was supposed to be ” AMA preliminary review of FAA’s NPRM” there was no mention of the contents of the FAA’s NPRM, or how it might affect the hobby. All we got was the same statement AMA has been putting out all along that regulation should not apply to hobbyists.

  2. So… the clock is ticking. And AMA’s position on the NPRM & guidelines for the FAA comment website is where??

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