AMA’s Rich Hanson to speak at AirVenture OshKosh Forum

TITLE: Drones and Air Safety Forum

DATES: Friday August 1st

HOURS: 8:30am – 9:45am

PLACE: Forum 11 – maps

DESCRIPTION: The number of Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, in our airspace is growing rapidly. Can drones co-exist safely with traditional aircraft? This presentation explores the often ambiguous subject of Drone Safety, Rules, and Regulations. Learn about the growth of the Drone Industry, safety precautions that are currently in place, how rules and regulations are enforced, and a road map for the future of successful co-existence between drones and traditional aircraft in our skies.



  1. they should be aloud with the same guide lines of the ama.concerning the airspace below 400 feet, with in 1 mile of airport, ect.

  2. Check this one out. Really
    Aug 3, 2014 11:09 AM by Associated Press
    No drones allowed at Saguaro National Park

    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) – Officials at Saguaro National Park say all unmanned aircraft are barred from the southern Arizona park.

    The park has updated its written policy to address restrictions on aerial devices including drones within its boundaries.

    Park officials said Saturday that the restrictions are in line with the National Park Service.

    The ban also applies to quadcopters and model airplanes.

    The park plans to enforce restrictions on use of drones until federal officials figure out any permissible uses and their effect on wildlife and noise level.

    Saguaro National Park straddles the city of Tucson and is home to the nation’s largest cacti.

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