Chesapeake Bay RC Club Speaks Out

As AMA Chartered Club #326, the Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club near Crownsville, MD was organized and has been in continuous operation since the mid-nineteen-fifties.

Club Instructor Steve Barnett...
Club Instructor Steve Barnett (left)… The Chesapeake Bay club goal is to develop and maintain a positive atmosphere in which both newcomers and old-timers alike can enjoy the hobby.

Throughout the years, members of the CBRC club have participated in virtually every aspect of radio control modeling. The experience and modeling expertise gained over the years are still resident with the senior members of the Club and are being passed along to the present generation of “CBRC’ers”.

The Club provides a setting in which the values of friendship, assistance, and just having a good time are of prime importance. CBRC is primarily a sport-flying club, but there are several members who participate in scale and fun scale. With the advancements in the technology for electric RC, electric powered aircraft have become more popular and the club has seen significant growth in this aspect of the hobby.

CBRC flies from a grass field located in the Crownsville, MD area. The field is approximately 700 feet in length with an average width of 200 feet. The field is roughly equidistant between Annapolis and Odenton.

On January 9, 2013, the Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club was awarded AMA Gold Level Leader Club status.

Washington Times reporter Ben Wolfgang had an opportunity to speak with Club Treasurer Steve Barnett during a recent visit to the CBRC flying site. Mr. Wolfgang learned firsthand the difference between model aircraft and ‘Drones’ as the conversation addressed recent concerns regarding privacy issues, 4th amendment rights and the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the national airspace.

Click the link below to read Ben Wolfgang’s report in the April 9th online edition of the Washington Times
Model aircraft owners drawn into privacy debate on drones

And, learn more about the Chesapeake Bay Radio Control Club by visiting their website at…

Rich Hanson
AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs