1. What a crock. It looks like small portion of the vid was taken with a model flying in someones back yard. More hysterics from law enforcement in an effort to further erode someones liberties.

  2. I think this an excellent application of the technology. I am also a Ham Radio opoerator and my licience allows me to use high power transmiters for both control and onboard info from GPS to TV. I forsee contests from say Las Vegas to Searchlight just for fun. There is a guy in Scandnavia that uses infred to find his prized pigs.

    Sure there are people that don’t trust quick sketch artist. We could take the postion of the gun collectors a couple years ago and buy up all the gear we can before they make it illegal. Ha Ha. We need to assure people that being affraid of everything new gets to a point where there isn’t much point in living if we can’t live without fear.

    Kids get a kick out of this technology. I get a kick out of rubber band free flight, but we need to attract 100 times more kids than we use to. The population has grow so the old events where we attracted 20 kids should get 200. If the AMA and ARRL get togeather in a science club there could be some fun in learning. Add rockets and astronomy. WOW.

    Lets not let the people that are afraid of the dark, make us affraid of the dark. Lets add high power LED landing lights and fly in the dark.

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