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  1. Mac, I just spent a few minutes renaidg this thread and the one after it, on the matter of crosswind landings in piloted airplanes. So, here’s a question: If the FAA permits remotely piloted planes to land and take off from any of a number of general aviation airports, how well will they handle crosswinds? We need to prosecute operators of any aircraft, remotely piloted or not, who spy on (for example) a wealthy family with a swimming pool in their backyard and who like to swim in their birthday suits, if you know what I mean. But given that U-2 pilots are still being subjected to the physiologically hostile environment of 70,000+ feet, I would like to see remotely piloted or even autonomously piloted aircraft capable of performing the same missions as the U-2. I think U-2 jocks might like no longer having to go up to 70,000 feet where you have to wear a full-body space suit not just an oralnasal oxygen mask.

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