1. As a private pilot and I fly small RC quad cpoters, I certainly see both sides. I am learning to fly the quad safely and hope to start a business of aerial inspection services. For example, I can inspect a bridge, top bottom and sides, and never have to stop traffic or subject a person to dangling from a harness. I can carefully inspect every insulator on a transmission tower. Map by automatically flying my HD camera to waypoints and return home via gps. Lot of uses that save time costs, effort and increase safety. Lower costs for industry and taxpayers. That’s the technology.This is technology available for less than $3000.00 and it is just taking off, so much new innovation every day.I think the 400 rule is fine. Line of sight is fine.No I don’t want to be in a plane and share airspace with some 200 mph drone, but there is a huge opportunity for using UAV’s under 400

  2. And you should be tested, licensed and heavily insured .
    Logs kept and any flying should be restricted to permit only and perhaps with a professional observer present at all times . Since you intend to make a profit , a fee would also be in order .

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