GPS, Safety Board, and No Fly Zone Issues

General aviation (GA) safety has made the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) top 10 most-wanted list for 2011. AOPA takes exception with the board’s findings.
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The isssue over LightSquared’s wireless-by-satellite network heats up over its potential interference with GPS receivers. Why is this important to MA? Because GPS is the cornerstone technology for sUAS, and good, bad or otherwise the UAS industry will soon have a significant impact on MA.
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AOPA Online provides an endepth overview of the wireless-by-satellite network Vs GPS issue
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Feds serious about TFRs
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  1. Why are flying fields 5 miles from major airports subject to TFR’s when major aircraft must be at least 2500 AGL? WE don’t get more than 400-500″ AGL.

  2. The TFRs affecting model aircraft that have been issued over the past 2-3 years address security issues more so than air traffic or aviation safety. Though they may at times be centered around a given airport, they are actually related to area in which there is VIP activity of high profile events. The TFRs typically establish a 30nm security zone in which all aeronautical activity is either controlled, restricted, or in our case and all other aerosport activity, prohibited.

    Rich Hanson
    AMA Government and Regulatory Affairs

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