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Five years ago, when the city of Casa Grande agreed to lease an 11-acre swath of land to the newly formed Casa Grande RC Flyers for $1 a year, the club agreed to return the favor, a press release from the club said.


Since then, the Casa Grande RC Flyers have hosted monthly flying events during the cooler season, inviting residents of the area. During the events, the club has coordinated with the Casa Grande Food Bank, the Valley Humane Society, Wounded Warrior and other groups to raise money for charities.

Recently, club members Alan and Nancy Friedman presented an aviation lecture to the Casa Verde STEM High School and to the Maricopa 4-H club. FPG-9 gliders provided by the Academy of Model Aeronautics in conjunction with Alcoa were assembled and used to investigate how the control of a model aircraft in flight is an application of Newton’s third law of motion.

The students observed the three dynamics of flight or the three ways a plane rotates in the air: pitch, roll and yaw. An invitation was extended to the young students to join the RC Flyers club on the coming second Saturdays of February and March to learn how to fly an RC plane using a buddy box system with an AMA instructor or just try the First Person View Goggles that would be available.

The residents of the area may test-fly with an AMA instructor or try the FPV goggles at the club’s upcoming air show on Saturday, March 11. Events begin at 9 a.m. and end at noon.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase from Feli’s Y Sol.

Directions to the field can be found at


  1. Would have like to gone to the Casa Grande RC Air Show, But just got the E mail today 20,Feb,2017.
    I sanded my $64.00 for my membership renewal,but have not gotten my card.
    My old #1099424

    1. Maurice, you did not send money to us to join because our first year dues are only $50.00, not $64.00. A membership application and mailing instructions are on our web site: We would welcome you as a member. You missed a GREAT Air Show. Photos and videos are on our web site and Facebook page.

  2. I am interested in any information or materials you may be able to offer to help us start a RC aviation class for our small private school in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for reaching out to us! We have several programs within our education department that I believe would be very useful to your classroom. I’ve included some links below to help you get started. Also, if you can provide me with your shipping address I’ll have some materials sent out to you today.

      AMA Flight
      Model Aviation Student Club (MASC)-
      Flight Research Kits-

      Julia Bladen
      Education Specialist
      Academy of Model Aeronautics
      765-287-1256 Ext. 517

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