Club Officer Pins

All 2016 club officer pins have been mailed to the designated contact officer. If he or she has not received them, please contact us at

We received a couple of inquiries regarding the blue flame and its connection with AMA. Many people focus on the wings in the logo and miss the flame, which is a part of the torch.

Throughout the past 80 years, AMA’s logo has changed. The wings have lengthened and shortened, AMA was moved below the iconic symbols, “Since 1936” was added, and more changes have taken place for special celebrations. But the wings, torch, and the flame consistently remain—and we certainly never want to see the flame extinguished!



  1. Received the 2017 Officers’ pins and was disappointed that the natural gas flame is still in use. An AMA pin should project model aviation (or at least something aviation) to anyone who sees it – a blue flame sure doesn’t, regardless of where it comes from.

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