2016 Club Charter Renewals

There are still approximately 150 clubs that have not yet renewed their charters for 2016. Late renewals are not uncommon, so we want to remind you to check your desk for that lost paperwork! You may also contact us and we can send you a new copy. If do not plan to renew your club charter for this year, please send a quick email to clubs@modelaircraft.org and let us know if your club has disbanded so that we can mark our files accordingly.


  1. Can u check if our 2016 renew its done
    If not can u tell me how can I do that
    Also I need change new 2016 officers

    Taildraggers rc club
    AMA Charter 4555

  2. Please confirm that the 2016 renewal for Charter 4359 is complete.

    Club name is North Hills Eagle Sqdrn



  3. Please confirm that the 2016 Charter renewal for El Dorado RC Flyers, Inc. #1683 is complete.

    Sure would be nice if there was a link on your website to click and check the club charter status.



    1. Tom, this is a future project we are working on. In the meantime, you can use the club search tool to verify; only clubs with current charter status will show in the search.

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