Tulip City Air Force Encourages Flying



Bill Porter, a member of the 47 member-strong Tulip City Air Force Club developed his love of flying when watching planes fly overhead during World War II. Today he joins others with the same passion at a flying field on the south side of Holland Michigan for club meetings, dinners and lots of flying. Club members have many different types of planes, from foam electric model planes to antique planes powered by gas.

Many of the members of this club are retired military or private pilots who want to get involved with aviation, but not spend the money it would take to fly a real airplane. Club member say building model planes can-but doesn’t have to be-an expensive hobby.

The club has seen a recent increase in the average age of members, citing that “Kids don’t go outside as much as they go on the computer.” Although this might be the case, the club members have a special group who will work with new pilots to learn how to fly, and encourage the community to learn more about the hobby with public events. When asked about how they feel about crashing, one member says “If you don’t want to crash it, don’t buy it.”

To learn more about the Tulip City Air Force please visit their website:  https://tulipcityairforce.com/.


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