Author: kylej

Kyle is a problem solving creative who enjoys collaborating with a wide range of individuals. A former Army Infantry team leader, he graduated from Anderson University with a degree in visual communications. Having occupied a wide array of positions within the field of design, Kyle sought new challenges as the Director of Education at a national nonprofit organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics. He is highly skilled in leadership, public speaking, and management. Kyle has presented in front of a multitude of audiences that include podcasts, webinars, television interviews, and professional conferences. In addition, Kyle has been published multiple times in AM&P Signature, AMA Model Aviation, and Park Pilot magazines. When he's not maintaining the family home built in the 1870's along with his wife Mary and their two boys, Kyle pursues model aviation, metalworking, woodworking, and powered paragliding. Kyle has also conducted paramotor test flights that demonstrate advanced flight operations for government entities and greatly enjoys working on the design, engineering, and testing of future urban air mobility craft.

AMA’s TRUST Quick Study Guide

The Recreational UAS Safety Test, or TRUST, has the goal of increasing awareness of safety and best practices in our complex national airspace. The FAA requires that all recreational UAS pilots in the United States complete TRUST. The AMA has been a resource for model aviation hobbyists since 1936. As a Testing Administrator, we ensure hobbyists have an easy way to accomplish this training. This guide will ensure you can quickly pass the TRUST and potentially learn something new along the way.

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