2022 Scholarship Winners Selected!

Thirteen students awarded a total of $59,001 for academic pursuits

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has helped graduating seniors achieve their dreams since 1970, with individual scholarships ranging from $500 to $8,000 each year. This year, $59,001 was awarded to students. Student scholarships are awarded each year thanks to the generous support of AMA members and AMA Foundation donors across the country. AMA has awarded nearly $1.3 million in scholarships since founding the scholarship program.

Award designations are set by the AMA Scholarship Committee, which is made up of model aviation pilots and enthusiasts. The committee evaluates each application and ranks it based on GPA, community involvement, model flying experience, and model flying competition participation.

AMA and its foundation want to thank each family that has contributed to the memorial scholarships, as well as the hundreds of other donors to the scholarship program. Without their generous contributions, these gifts would not be possible.

AMA would like to congratulate the following students who have been selected this year to receive the Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship and other scholarships:

Greyson Pritchett (Muncie, IN): $8,375 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship; $5,000 Clifford & Nancy Telford Memorial Scholarship

Steven Daly (Lynbrook, NY): $9,375 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship; $1,500 Ryan Sherrow Memorial Scholarship

Jonathan Sabini (Brentwood, NY): $6,875 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Daniel Estingoy (Overland Park, KS): $5,875 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Gerrit Kaup (Gilbert, AZ): $5,375 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Michael Peña (Canton, GA): $4,875 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Colin Henry (Seaford, VA): $2,875 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Mason Lambert (Victoria, TX): $2,375 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Katherine Woebkenberg (Carmel, IN): $1,875 Basil and Dorothy Cooper Memorial Scholarship

Mark Sedlak (Cabot, PA): $1,500 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Evelyn Jesky (Petersburg, MI): $1,375 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

John Tubb (Huntsville, AL): $876 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

Ian McCurdy (Poway, CA): $875 Charles Hampton Grant Scholarship

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