AMA Day Camp Activities

 AMA Day Camp is a FREE resource for educators, camp instructors, parents, and club members that would like to promote and instruct model aviation in the classroom, at home, or on the flying field!


“AMA Day Camp is a smorgasbord of activities, supported by video instructions that our members and clubs can use in their local outreach efforts,” said Bill Pritchett, AMA’s Education Director. “You could have a half-day experience at your field, or an entire week. It’s laid out for you to review, choose the activities, and plan the camp time and experience accordingly. We’re fortunate to have received a LightSpeed Grant to fund this fantastic new resource for our members.”

This new resource will help educators:

  • Teach basic concepts of flight and physical science
  • Promote and deliver their own Day Camp
  • Get ideas and activities for the classroom
  • Receive FREE complimentary materials
  • Receive guidance from AMA Education Program Development and Outreach Specialist Dr. Gordon Schimmel


Support Education Through Aviation by visiting to get started!

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