AMA Membership Benefits Spotlight: Training and Education

There are many ways to utilize content provided by the AMA in your educational efforts! The Education team is proud to partner with many individuals, schools, and organizations that do so much for model aviation. Whether in a classroom, an after-school club, a mentorship program, or through self-learning, we strive to be a resource for all aspects of model aviation!

To begin, have you checked out It’s a great resource to learn more about whatever it is you need! From club resources to how-tos, our resources can help any model aviation enthusiast, regardless of his or her experience level! Explore the plethora of resources available, but allow us to make a few suggestions below. We’ll call these our highlights!

Take for instance our Model Aviation Student Clubs (MASC for short). Through our MASC program we provide a framework for success to homeschoolers, middle schools, and high schools across the country. Chartering fees are waived and faculty/staff sponsors receive a free AMA membership.

We also have a similar program for post-secondary institutions! Our University Model Aviation Student Clubs (UMASCs) are a great way to keep students involved in hobby and educational flying. Once again, the faculty/staff advisor becomes an AMA member for free, and this program also converts the club member’s membership fee down to $15 per year.

For educators across the nation and around the world, we have created video assets as well as in-classroom teacher notes, assignments, and handouts for students of all grade levels. Visit this link to learn more about these resources for classroom environments!

The AMA has also worked hard to develop a line of indoor/outdoor rubber-powered Free Flight models. These are known as our AMA ALPHA and AMA BETA. The best part of these aircraft are the educational components that have been developed around each airframe. These lessons are geared toward middle and high schoolers and offer a chance to develop a deeper understanding of flight. These aircraft are both available in bulk packs with an educational discount for teachers. Feel free to reach out to if you would like to utilize these airframes in your classrooms!

We also offer our free Virtual AMA Jr. Camp experience for modelers ages 5 to 13. This experience was designed to allow youth to participate, learn, and enjoy various model aviation projects conducted live for a week-long camp. After the livestreams, these camps are converted to on-demand material that can be utilized. Each camp consists of five main Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math [STE(A)M]-focused lessons, five interviews with aviation professionals, and one bonus project that celebrates the completion of AMA Jr. Camp.

Although registration for both of these virtual camps is free, we recommend that each camper purchase a flight pack that includes all of the materials needed to enjoy the camp experience to its fullest. As an on-demand camp experience, this is a great way to bring these lessons to your classrooms, living room, or club/community event as a turnkey solution to starting your own camp experience.

But sometimes, what you really need is a quick project, and we’ve got you covered! These projects take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to complete and provide great fun, and great lessons! From paper planes to rocket mice, these lessons were developed to use items found in most homes. All are available for free with downloadable instructions and videos to enjoy.

—by Kyle Jaracz, AMA Education director


  1. I’m very much interested in the concept of Model aviation student clubs and how it can help improve learning outcomes in STEAM.
    I would like to partner with you in Kenya

    1. You’re welcome to utilize our free resources there in Kenya! Quick projects, curriculum, Jr. Camp etc. Unfortunately at this time, we don’t offer any club charters outside of the United States and it’s territories. Have fun and keep flying!

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