Drone workshop teaches students how to soar

Now that school’s out in the city, there is another way education is taking off in Baltimore, and kids are happy to go along for the ride.

Whether it’s recreational or in the middle of a race, chances are people in Baltimore may have seen a drone or two flying around. But what they might not see is the opportunity it presents.

“Drones are definitely taking off, no pun intended, but kids are really engaged with them. They really love flying, and I think we’re going to see a lot more of it in the near future,” said Austin Brown, co-founder of Global Air Media.

Global Air Media is helping build the future generation by teaching kids, teens and students about the inner workings of the popular technology. It includes students like 18-year-old Mecca Lewis.

Lewis just graduated from Baltimore School for the Arts and is an incoming Hampshire College freshman.

“I think I was the oldest child there. There were a lot of younger kids who were just as knowledgeable or way more knowledgeable than me,” Lewis said.

Ages of participants could be anywhere from early middle school through high school. They operate out of Openworks — the makerspace in the city’s Station North neighborhood. The idea is to give kids a chance to learn and enjoy something they might otherwise not during the school year.

“Even if you come and you learn everything and you’re not that into it, it’s not like you wasted your time, because all the skills you learn can be used in other places,” Lewis said.

There are more workshops available.

“A lot of times, the parents will come back to us and they’ll say their son or daughter was watching the news, and they’ll be able to tell whether something was shot by a drone or not,” Brown said.

The possibility of bringing the information home with them is why once the drone is made, it goes home with them, too.

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