DISCUSSION: NorthWest Model Show? Monroe?

The topic of discussion is the Monroe RC Show.  Email me with your comments, please be honest, and not offensive.

The Monroe show: Yes I know it is the largest, okay the only show in the Pacific Northwest. But as it stands now, it only benefits 1 club..for the most part.

As the AMA, I cannot show favoritism towards any one club over another. I would like to grow the show into a Pacific Northwest show, an example would be to have the area clubs all join in and co-host it together with a huge swap meet. This could make it big enough again to where it pays for vendors to return to the venue again etc.

So question is how do we do it?  Or do we do it?

Or as the District do we have a regional get together at a various field event once a year, say Apple Blossom, or something in Bend, or Huckfest in the Tri-Cities, insert your big club event here? This is what other districts are doing now.

Keep in mind, we would bring all the VP, AVP’s and probably Mandee from AMA HQ with shirt, etc. And this is the vast majority of the annual budget I get, so we need to make it worth while for YOUR dollars.

So…What say you? If you don’t feel good posting it here, you can email me and let me know. I want to serve all of you members in the right way, but I can’t keep doing it the way of the past. Sorry guys.

The mic is now yours, please sound off with ideas and suggestions by sending me an email.

Email Bryan Wood AMA District XI VP here.

Bryan Wood AMA Dist XI VP