AMA District XI VP Report – May 2018

I hope the weather is starting to improve where you are, and that spring is in the air. Here in Boise, Idaho, at the beginning of March, the weather cannot make up its mind between snow, rain, sunshine, or cold. Many clubs, such as the Rogue Eagles of Medford, Oregon, have a winter build challenge going on, and many great-looking aircraft are coming out of their hangars.

I have been trying to keep up with getting clubs’ Facebook information posted to the District XI’s Facebook page too. I love to see that many of you first-time builders have completed your first kit, or have even scratch-built from plans! It’s a lost art, one that I and some club friends have started doing again. It’s ditching ARFs, what passes for light plywood, terrible covering, and glue joints, and building airplanes from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s again. Bryan Diffendaffer is cutting a kit now for the Number 7, a threechannel, .15-size electric or gas, a 16-foot wingspan sailplane Yankee Soar, and 12-foot Thermal Queen. Even after all these years, these aircraft still impress!

That brings me to another topic. I have received a couple letters and emails about the old AMA District XI webpage having been taken down and that many of you do not have Facebook for whatever reason. Therefore, I am looking for a volunteer to set up and run a District XI website. It should be one that we can update with all club newsletters, pictures, an event calendar, and mirror a lot of what is on Facebook. Working fulltime, going back for another degree online, and running the district are leaving me with limited resources, and I need someone’s help. Please email me if you would like to step up and be that creative soul. (Note: Position filled)

I also received feedback about not having been at the Monroe, Washington, show in January, or having any AMA personnel on hand.
As you know, we have a limited budget, and knowing back in October that we would have two AMA Expos in Southern California to attend this year, we felt it was better served bringing everyone in to attend the second, and new, AMA Expo West in November in Pomona. AMA is kicking it off, and trying to make the biggest show this side of the Mississippi even bigger with already more than 5,000 people—and that covers both District X and XI members in attendance! I hope the people running the Monroe show can boost the attendance of vendors, maybe coordinate with the majority of Seattle-area clubs, and try to hold their swap meets collectively to make the event a large draw from across the district, and we can again have what we once had there as well. Just a thought because we would love to come back; however, we must do what benefits the entire district, not just a particular area, and make our district funds cover as many of our members as possible.

Be safe, and happy flying!