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Happy Thanksgiving, I know, but I will continue summer event coverage from around District IX.

The Dave Boldt Flying Farmer Fun Fly is actually across the border in Minnesota, but is a perennial destination for District IX fliers. South Dakota Associate Vice President (AVP) Arend Schuurman was there this year.

“On August 6, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the Flying Farmer. This great fun-fly is held at the Boldt farm near Rushmore, Minnesota. With this year’s event, Dave and Helen Boldt have been fostering the spirit of the hobby for 26 consecutive years.

“There were approximately 40 registered pilots from at least three states. We saw multiple flying platforms from a Sig Kadet Senior, to modern turbine jets, to multicopters, and helicopters. There was a representative of nearly every type of model.

“The best part of this traditional event is the family atmosphere provided by Dave and Helen. Put it on your list next year.”

Arend also hosted a FPG-9 glider building activity at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota’s Science

Sunday on July 24, 2016. This was merely one activity of many for the young people attending.

Arend commented, “I had the help of three staff members and we had about 55 kids of various ages who came, built, flew, and took home a glider. It was well received by the kids and the staff. I want to thank Alcoa and the AMA for the material to make this happen.”

Colorado AVP Rick McCaskill and I got to fly with the pilots at the Love-Air Battle Stations warbird event at Love- Air Field in Fort Collins, Colorado, the weekend of August 20, 2016. What a great time! Whoever made the sacrifice to the weather gods deserves a medal.

There were perfect flying conditions for the roughly 40 pilots in attendance. Who could ask for more?

This laid-back competition was a wonderful activity. I’m glad that I got to be a part of it. Thanks to all of the Love- Air fliers for the organization, food, and field. It was top notch. Thanks also to Rick who spotted for me.

Clancy Kingsbury flies his big Yak. Gene Jobgen is his spotter.
Clancy Kingsbury flies his big Yak. Gene Jobgen is his spotter.
The San Diego contingent burned lots of gas. Wayne Bolin starts his Extra as Randy Hinton holds.
The San Diego contingent burned lots of gas. Wayne Bolin starts his Extra as Randy Hinton holds.

For four days during the last weekend in August, the Rapid City Propbusters hosted its eighth annual Black Hills Air Rally in Rapid City, South Dakota. This year was one of the best in the event’s history. Nearly 40 pilots burned plenty of fuel and had a great time. The pilot roster included fliers from eight states from as far away as Iowa, Utah, and California. The Air Rally is becoming a destination event for many of the returning pilots.

This event is known for its impromptu collaborations and competitions. This year there were many, including some formation flying, assassin flying wing battles, and foamie races.

There were plenty of Big Birds at the event, but many other aircraft shared the air. Warbirds, trainers, foamies, and even some antiques were among those flown by the pilots standing elbow to elbow in the pilot box.

Smokin’ Hot Catering had its food truck on-site all week and then put on a mouth-watering barbecue on Saturday night. Following the food were lots of gag awards, prizes, and a raffle drawing for a donated RCGF engine, an Aerobeez Slick, and a Hangar 9 electric-powered Extra. Thanks to all of the sponsors, but especially to Who’s Hobby, our local connection for more than 70 years.

Winners of the Scale contest at Love-Air’s warbird event: Rich Perry and his Best World War I Fokker D.VII; Cody Wilson and his Best World War II P-47; Brian Blois and his best Modern Era F-16; and Ken Momblat with his Best of Show F9F Cougar.
Winners of the Scale contest at Love-Air’s warbird event: Rich Perry and his Best World War I Fokker D.VII; Cody Wilson and his Best World War II P-47; Brian Blois and his best Modern Era F-16; and Ken Momblat with his Best of Show F9F Cougar.
The flightline at the Flying Farmer Fun Fly.
The flightline at the Flying Farmer Fun Fly.

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