Recent Insurance Certificate Cancellation Email

Dear Club Officers,

Some current or former club officers recently received an email with an attached “cancelled” certificate for your site owner(s). We are sorry for any confusion and upset this may have caused.

All insurance certificates are issued through a system maintained by AMA’s insurance brokerage firm. When the broker prepared the templates for the new 2016/2017 insurance certificates, its system inadvertently reissued certificates that were on file from previous years. When the company reversed/cancelled that action, the system automatically sent out cancellation notices for the 2016/2017 certificates to email recipients on file. Unfortunately, that also included the standard message we include when emailing the actual certificates. This indicated that a certificate was forwarded to the certificate holders. Please rest assured that these were not mailed to your site owners!

We appreciate everyone’s understanding that things like this can happen. Fortunately our broker noticed the issue as soon as it happened. They contacted AMA, and immediately sent a follow-up explanation to all of the email recipients:

As preparations for the 2016/2017 Academy of Model Aeronautics renewal began, the entire Certificate listing was inadvertently released prior to the finalization of the renewal. These Certificates have not been verified as being correct. For this reason, the Certificates have been cancelled and you have received notice of this cancellation. Once the renewal policy has been finalized, Certificates will be sent out in a timely manner.

The current Certificate remains valid until March 31, 2016. There has not been any gap in coverage.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this may have caused.

Note: This glitch did not impact your site owner’s insurance coverage in any way!



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