2016 Club Charter Renewal

Thank you to the more than 900 clubs that took advantage of the early renewal option! We are currently in the process of mailing Club Charter documentation to your designated contact officer. We will begin emailing the correct and verified insurance certificates shortly.

If your club was unable to take advantage of the early renewal, your designated club contact should have recently received the standard renewal documentation. Please complete the necessary information and return the forms, along with the appropriate payment, to us as soon as possible. This will allow us sufficient time to process your request.

Note: Your current charter status, as well as the insurance for your site owner, is in effect until March 31!


  1. Club # 4555
    We have moved to a new field, and while taking advantage of the early renewal, I put a hand written note in the envelope with all the data concerning our new location. We have now moved to the new location and am concerned if we are insured.
    Have not had a response from AMA,, with the exception they have cancelled our old policy.
    Please reply,

  2. just received email that insurance cert. were cancelled that they were not finished with them; that new ones would be issued later this month

    1. Hello Weston,

      All insurance certificates are issued through a system maintained by AMA’s insurance brokerage firm. When the broker prepared the templates for the new 2016/2017 insurance certificates their system inadvertently re-issued certificates that were on file from previous years. When they reversed/canceled that action, the system automatically sent out cancellation notices for the 2016/2017 certificates to the email recipients on file.

      Please note that this incident did not impact any site owners’ insurance coverage in any way!

  3. We have a small private gathering of 6 AMA members on private land owned by a friend .
    We would like to have more information as to what process we have to go through to have an insurance certificate mailed to the owner?((the owner requires everyone to be AMA. Members)
    Ed Cowden
    5780 south Rd
    Pinson al. 35126
    AMA. # 395048–William E Cowden

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