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RC Enthusiasm to the Extreme

I remember many years ago my Dad taking me to a radio control airplane air show at KCRC. (KCRC) Knox County Radio Control is one of our long time established RC air clubs in Knoxville. At that show, one of the pilots dropped a watch from one of their planes, a J3-Cub. All of the kids (including me) ran after the falling watch followed by a bright orange streamer. I was victorious and treasured that watch for many years.

Thirty years later, I see today’s children still have the same enthusiasm for model aircraft. So when my son’s Cub Scout pack was looking for some fun summer activities, it made sense to bring them to the club field. In addition to the RC planes, model rockets also get young kids excited and are perhaps easier to get some hands-on experience. Model rockets are easy for kids to build (even for those that have no prior experience) and they’re relatively cheap. We began plans to have an event to fly rockets and airplanes at our club field.


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