Good news for clubs participating in the Introductory Pilot Program

The Introductory Pilot Program is a great opportunity for clubs to introduce non-AMA members to the fun of aeromodeling. Club-designated instructors can teach the interested novices the ins and outs of areomodeling hands-on for a period of 60 consecutive days.

What a great way to expose novices to this wonderful hobby/sport and a useful tool to increase your club membership!

With this in mind, the $5 annual registration fee for instructors has been discontinued starting with the 2013 membership year. Instructors must still be designated by clubs; however, they will keep that status until AMA Headquarters is otherwise notified.

For more details, please review the program information posted on our website at



  1. That’s great! Since the fee has been waived/ended, my club will be signing up some volunteers and offering this program to prospective pilots/modelers in the future.

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