Southwest Area Park Modelers’ Fly-In and Family Fun Weekend

By David Driver –

Bob Pollokoff walked into a hobby store nearly 12 years ago, came across some model airplanes and began talking about them with some of the customers in the store.

The men told about an annual event for remote control model airplanes at Southwest Area Park in Baltimore Highlands.

“I got curious, so I went and watched the planes fly,” Pollokoff said.

“One of the members put me on a buddy box with a trainer,” said the Owings Mills resident on his opportunity to practice flying that day. “It took off from there, literally and figuratively.”

Now, Pollokoff is now among the 125 members of the Southwest Area Park Modelers. Members of the group range in age from teenagers to those in their 70s. All share a love of flying, a love that will be on display this weekend in Southwest Area Park, near the intersection of Baltimore Street and Georgia Avenue.

The club will again host Baltimore’s largest gathering of remote control (R/C) planes during the Southwest Area Park Modelers’ Fly-In and Family Fun Weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 29-30. This is the 17th year in a row the club has put on a show.

Dr. Art Vail, an Arbutus dentist and one of the event’s organizers, said he expects a turnout of about 300 or 400 people if the weather cooperates this weekend.

“This is spectator friendly,” said Vail of the event. “If they want to see a particular plane because they like it, we will put it up for them.”

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For information on the Southwest Area Park Modelers, AMA Chartered Club 2293, and the weekend show, go to or call organizer Dr. Art Vail at 410-925-6306

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