Chuckatuck airstrip is home to a fleet of fliers

The love of flying binds the 90 some members the Hampton Roads Radio Control, Inc. together to share their passion at an airfield near Chuckatuck on a regular basis.

HRRC members fly all manner of model planes — with internal combustion engines, glowplug engines feeding on nitro-methanol, and electric-powered ones. Some members are highly accomplished at aerobatics — loops, barrel rolls, spins — and many own considerably more than one aircraft.

One recent Wednesday at the Pembroke Lane airfield, which the city of Suffolk helped the club establish a little over 20 years ago, members held a community outreach event with kids from the Lone Star Lakes youth camp.

“Probably for the last four or five years, they will come out here and we will do some demonstrations and put a couple of trainers up with a ‘buddy box,’” Club Vice President Mills Staylor says.

For many of the youngsters — even though an experienced pilot was also plugged into the buddy-box controls, at the ready to correct any abrupt nosedives or death spirals — it was their first time flying a radio-controlled plane.

One of their youngest members has said, “It’s just fun.”  Another long-time modeler and member explains why he devotes about half of his week to the hobby, “it gives me something to do, and it’s good, clean fun.”

Like other clubs, HRRC club members believe that being part of their club is being part of a brother or sisterhood, and it helps keep the spirit of aviation strong.

To Read more about the Hampton Roads Radio Control club, check-out this article, featuring their programs:

The AMA would like to thank this club, and all of our other clubs that go the extra mile to promote the hobby and the AMA. If you are planning an event, and are looking for assistance, check out our Reward and Recognition Program to see how the AMA will reward you for your dedication to promoting aeromodeling.


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