A Peaceful Hobby

AMA club, the Conejo Quiet Flyers, were recently highlighted in the Thousand Oaks Acorn local paper for enjoying their peaceful hobby. The club has 56 model airplane and glider enthusiasts who came together four years ago to provide venues for model airplane flights and to build a flying community.

On average, about 12 to 20 of the club’s members from throughout the Conejo Valley, most of whom are retired and have been flying model aircraft for years, show up every morning at the parks to share their hobby. In the article some of the members interviewed explain why the hobby means so much to them, “When you’re into (flying) as much as I am, it can’t be called anything but an obsession.”

Click here to read more of the article.

To learn more about the Conejo Quiet Flyers visit their website:  www.conejoquietflyers.org.



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