AMA Club Grants

Beginning in the mid 1960’s’, when chartered clubs were established, the AMA has been in full support of modelers coming together to practice, promote and accelerate the hobby.

Practice: Natural disasters can lead to tremendous damage of flying sites. The AMA recognizes this, and since 2005 have offered the Club Disaster Assistance Program. This program allows all chartered clubs to apply for a grant through the AMA that will provide immediate financial assistance to the club due to any natural disaster.

Promote:  Receive up to $300 from the AMA for sponsoring an event and supporting your local community or a charity by applying for the AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program. All charitable clubs are eligible, but must show proof of recognition of the event, your club and the AMA through radio, television or print coverage.

Accelerate:  Is your club ready to make flying site improvements? If so, the AMA’s Flying Site Development Improvement Grant Program might be for you. This year alone AMA gave away over $17,000.00 to clubs who participated in the Flying Site Development Improvement Grant Program.

Congratulations to this year’s winners.  Click here to see a list of all 2012 winners.

Want to be on this list next year? Apply today for a 2013 grant now.

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  1. Erin,
    I was checking to see about the disaster grants awarded and clicked on the “Club Disaster Assistance Program” link on this page and the program forwards one to the “Find a club” “Find a hobby shop” page. Have your IT guys look at this program link.

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