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AMA District VI News March 2021

It’s March already! Unfortunately COVID-19 restrictions are still a factor, and many St. Patrick’s Day events were canceled at the beginning of the new year.

We are lucky to have a hobby that we can enjoy despite the pandemic. Most of our flying fields are outside and we can easily maintain social distancing to keep ourselves safe. With the grass starting to turn green and the weather warming up, get out and fly. Just remember to do it safely!

I only received one submission this month, so let me know what is going on in your club.

Ralph Doyle sent in this report.

November 14, 2020, marked another year of giving by the Spirits of St. Louis R/C Flying Club. Despite inclement weather, we were able to collect more than 340 pounds of food for St. Louis area food banks during our annual chili cook off.

More than 20 club members participated in this year’s event, and a few flights were made between raindrops. The Spirits of St. Louis R/C club is an AMA Leader Club. Please visit our website at and come check us out. We welcome spectators at any time. The field is open from 9 a.m. through dusk.

My August 2020 column told the story of the Sentral Illinois Radio Society, Inc. that purchased its own flying field. The club spent lots of man hours and there was a lot of hard work by many people to accomplish this, but two people really stood out with their accomplishments. Bob Stadsholt had the financial expertise, and Larry Kupferschmid had the negotiating skills that got the job done!

Superior Service Awards were presented to these two men.

I do not have pictures of them but I shared pictures of their awards. I was supposed to present the awards in person, but because of COVID-19, I presented them virtually. Thank you again, Larry and Bob!

My ramblings this month include New Year’s Day fun flys. My club normally has what we call a Frozen Thumb Fly. We give a certificate to everyone who flies. We always have big pots of chili and potato soup to share.

This year, because of COVID-19, we decided to have the event without the food and there was no heat in our shelter for warmth. It was not what we wanted, but it was doable.

Mother Nature took a big swing and smacked us against the side of our heads. A half-inch of ice and 4 inches of snow on top of it arrived during the night on New Year’s Eve, so we had to cancel the event. I sure hope the rest of 2021 gets better!

I keep begging for people to share what is going on in their clubs. I don’t know what to do except beg some more!

To see your club in the magazine, simply send me a short write up of your clubs’ events. Email me at with the word “magazine” in the subject line and attach a few high quality digital pictures! You digital subscribers will be punished this month because I don’t have any extra pictures.

Remember to take a kid flying and/or introduce someone new to model aviation!

Gary Himes
Vice President District VI

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