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AMA District VI News November 2020

Thank goodness, the political commercials will soon be over! Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you have big plans to overeat with your family and friends.

The first report this month is from Rege Hall, Blacksheep RC Modelers president:

“We raised $3,620 in support of the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation on our 2020 National Model Aviation Day event held Saturday, August 8, 2020. Because of the economy and COVID-19 situations we all are facing, we were unable to host the grand events that we have held in the past.

“This year, we didn’t advertise and or seek support from local merchants because they have also been hit hard. We hosted our event with only club members and families, and had several visitors join the best day for RC flying that we have experienced in quite some time. A blue sky, low humidity, and mild wind blessed us.

“The day started with a couple of club members who are also veterans, Harold Etling and Tom L. Hatfield, who raised the American flag to the national anthem.

“After that, we saw RC aircraft ranging from micros, to helicopters, to jets, to drones, to Giant Scale aircraft, and many warbirds fly.

“What a variety of aircraft! We also flew two fun-fly events: a Pony Express, where teams of three flew a relay race by picking an envelope up from the judge, taking off from and landing in a designated circle, to deliver the mail back to the judge. Our second event was a crap-shoot, where each participant rolled the dice then took off and performed two loops, two rolls, and then landed back to the circle and rolled the dice until they rolled the number they rolled to start. What a fun time for pilots and spectators.

“Thanks to Warren Estep, Rege Hall, John Louden, and Faron Trosper for donating the kits that were raffled off. Winners were Ty Brueche, Denny Franklin, Terry Hatfield, and Tiffany Hatfield. Thanks to Warren for manning the grill. We certainly plan to make our event the big gala it has been in the past for 2021! We wish everyone and their family the best in these times.”

The next report is from Doug Brindle Roughly a dozen District VI members gathered August 14-16, 2020, for the sixth annual OhioBro Profile Brotherhood fly-in event, located in West Central Ohio, just outside the town of Rockford. The event was hosted by ProBro “Island Runner” Josh beginning on Friday night and wrapping up Sunday morning.

The flying site is flanked by a 200-yard shooting range, resulting in a lot of flying, a lot of expended rounds, and a lot of good-natured fellowship and brotherhood. The locally catered barbecue ribs for lunch were absolutely fantastic, the weather was exceptional, and fun was had by all.

One attempt was made at a knife-edge water landing, but the wingtip floats weren’t quite big enough.

All types of profile airplanes and flying styles were seen during the weekend.

As always, to see your club’s events in the magazine, submit a report to me at with the word “magazine” in the subject line. I promise to get each one into my column!

I’ll end by asking you to introduce someone to model aviation whether it is on a buddy box or on your simulator!


Gary Himes
Vice President District VI

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