AMA awarded EAA Young Eagles Horizon Award

The AMA is proud to announce its receipt of the 2014 EAA Young Eagles Horizon Award. AMA received the award for its contributions to the overall success of the Young Eagles program. AMA and EAA have built a partnership through the EAA Young Eagles program, providing education through aviation experiences.

The AMA and EAA established an official partnership through memorandum of understanding in 2010, but have been working together for many years to inspire young aviators. In a recent AirVenture Today article AMA President, Bob Brown states, “Modeling is a catalyst for numerous peoples’ successes.” Bob also provides information about some of the famed pilots who got their start with model airplanes.

AMA and EAA have both adopted a free dual membership, free for youth. The two organizations have partnered on several other projects like KidVenture, where the AMA provides radio-controlled airplanes and flight simulators, and the AMA has provided the EAA Air Venture Museum items for display.

AMA clubs across the country also support local EAA chapters. Many members attend events in their area, providing assistance through flight demonstrations, and more. EAA and AMA both work to promote aviation, and provide programing for future pilots.

Bob Brown, AMA president, accepted the award during EAA’s annual Young Eagles Award Dinner, held during AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI.




  1. I have a young grandson that has an interest in building a model airplane for flying in events in the Davidson County, Tenn. area. Could you give some direction as to where to start. Thank you.

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