Clubs helping Clubs

Below is a great example of the brotherhood that is aeromodeling.

Recently Bayport Aero Club in Deer Park lost their field due to the land being sold. The Gulf Coast Radio Control Club(GCRC) offered them the use of our field free of charge until they could find another place to fly and enjoy the hobby. After a few weeks, the land deal fell through and they were once again allowed to use the land until it is once again sold. They had removed and disposed of all their building, fencing and the things that make a field flyable. When they returned, GCRC recognized that this all created a financial burden on their now almost depleted funds, We all know the cost to build a field, so GCRC stepped up and donated a 10X20 canopy(valued at $200.00) along with a check for $100.00 to help them get back into the enjoyment side of this hobby.This is just what GCRC does, and we asked nothing in return. Over the past years, GCRC and Bayport Aero Club has been sort of rival clubs. Now that this has happened, the new president and I have coffee almost weekly and discuss ways to make each club a better place.

Just thought that you would like to hear a little of what we do that never gets noticed.

John Kling
President GCRC


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  1. GCRC is a GREAT club-they really promote our hobby in the community. I have seen them extend a welcome to other clubs as well participate in Boy Scout Programs and other events. The members of this club welcome visitors with a handshake and a warm greeting and often have early morning cookouts on the grill with fellowship. The members are eager to help anyone that may need that extra pointer in this sport as well as teaching a new guy to fly without reservation. If you are looking for a nice place to fly with a friendly atmosphere -You have found it!!!

  2. Its good to see this sort of thing going on. The clubs in N. Nevada should take heed and start being more welcoming to new comers and visitors.

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