Members of the Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers Club have easy and relaxing fun

The Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers Club meets once a month to build and fly model airplanes of various types at their impressive airfield named Geisler Field, after one of their oldest members.

Situated near the airport, the Club has its own grassy field, seating, and everything else they need to enjoy their hobby and hold events, like their annual Fun Fly. The main feature at Geisler Field is the club’s 450-foot long, 40-foot wide runway.

The club is always excited to welcome new members, of all ages, and helps newcomers learn the basics of flying. First-timers can fly the Club’s training plane with the help of a more experienced teacher. Club members use their buddy boxes to allow students to practice the basics, while the experienced pilot handles the more difficult maneuvers.

Club members encourage young pilots to join the sport, and believe that now is the best time for them to join a club and jump into aeromodeling. Many would say this is because the hobby of flying model airplanes has become easier and more affordable in recent years, with planes available for every skill level, age, and budget.

Many Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers enjoy flying Zagys, which have battery-powered flying wedge, shaped something like boomerang with fins, made of durable Styrofoam. Having no wheels, the Zagy is simply flung into the air by the operator, flown by remote control, and then glided into a landing. They also fly planes made of Styrofoam, called “foamies”. These are light, durable and easy on the budget. Putting them together is as easy as using glue and strapping tape, which is necessary for repairing damage as well.

Although these budget-friendly options are available, several of the club’s 34 members still fly fuel-powered aircraft, with small engines and propellers.

To learn more about the Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers Club call Gary Jones at 637-1018.

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