Flying High By Monica Burge

Flying High
By Monica Burge

Carl Frisby nimbly maneuvers a scale model aircraft above an open field located just off Allatoona Dam Road on the outskirts of Emerson.

Frisby’s fingers flex as he uses a radio to control the dips and loops the plane makes across the sky.

He brings the plane in for a landing on a patch of green grass and now that it’s on the ground, the plane’s size is a bit more obvious.

Less than three feet long, the plane looks like something a young boy could spend an afternoon enjoying, but flying model airplanes is not just for kids, Frisby said.

“It’s not a toy,” Frisby said.

Though it seems like child play, it is actually a sport that has attracted enthusiasts from across Bartow County for years.

David Sprayberry, President of Bartow County Model Aviation said the group was created in 1988 for locals who are bound by a love for flying and a yen for the thrill of maneuvering an aircraft through the air.

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