1. Last year I attended the fun fly , and I had a really good time . Will that event be held for 2021 ?

    1. Yes! information about the AMA National Fun Fly can be found at modelaircraft.org/funfly
      The AMA National Fun Fly and Membership Meeting
      July 30 – August 1, 2021 at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana

    1. I don’t think I would have heard about this event, if I where not a new member of the AMA very cool event coming up. I would love to go.

  2. I cannot find anywhere to download the registration forms for the outdoor FF NATS. Can you advise?

  3. Where can I find a paper entry form? Your online registration does not work if you are entering events in multiple categories.

  4. Since the online registration does not work properly if you are entering events across more than one category, where can a paper entry from be found.

  5. Is there a schedule of events for RC Scale this upcoming weekend? I want to attend but would like to know the run down to see when I should arrive/how long I should expect to stay

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