June 24-25, 2021: Control Line Speed Ends

By Warren Gregory

Thursday was the final day of Control Line Speed.

Perkys everwhere.
Carl Dodge and Henry Nelson fueling Carl’s diesel Perky.
Warren Gregory’s North West Sport Jet waiting for fuel.
Monk running with Mono Line.
Chris Montagino’s C Speed model.
Our NASS president gripping his Monoline.

My daddy won 4 events and got ” 400 ” points.
One Two Three in the High Point Race.
B Speed winners for 2021.
Fast Jet winners for 2021.
A Speed winners for 2021.


  1. Perky was dominated by New Jersey Middlessex Club congratulation
    to Tom and Al
    I see yours next week

  2. I have been following CL speed for a while. Why are the B Speed times 3-5 MPH slower than what I have seen here on the west coast? On Flying Lines, Brad Anderson is flying over 181 mph. In D Speed, Joey Mathison is flying over 192 mph.

    1. Muncie weather is often a slow atmosphere to fly in. The West Coast weather is invariably faster and my prime choice for setting records. Those who go fast in Muncie would likely go even faster ( if you can imagine) flying on a nice day on the West Coast ( California- Oregon). I have only set one racing record in Muncie, which means it can be done, but like I said it really is harder generally speaking.

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