Meet AMA’s Social Media Manager, Lee Ray!

“I’ve been a longtime member of the AMA. My father and I joined in the late ’70s. He trained me to fly RC gliders first and then moved me up to glow engine model aircraft. Although most of the planes in my hangar today are electric aircraft, I still have a passion for flying gliders, mainly vintage classics like the Olympic 99, Aquila, Golden, Eagle, and Electra.

“Around 20 years ago, I attended a fun electric event called B.E.S.T. (Best Electrics in South Texas). There, I met two of my close friends, Terry Dunn and Fitz Walker. After hanging with them for many years, we decided to start a podcast called the RC Roundtable Podcast. It has been on air for 6 years and we have now moved our shows to YouTube (@RCRoundtable). A few years ago, I was offered the job of AMA Social Media Manager, which has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy being a co-host on AMA Air, covering several AMA sanctioned events, and sharing great conversations with our members and learning about their flying events.

“In 2023, I will be attending Joe Nall at Triple Tree Aerodome (South Carolina), SEFF at Hodges Field (Georgia), and EAA AirVenture (Wisconsin). If you are planning to attend any of these events, stop by our AMA tent for a chat!

“I typically donated funds on my membership renewal form, but became a Torchbearer after becoming a Life Member. I wanted to add funds on a continuous basis to support the Foundation’s program (verses every two years). I believe in the AMA’s mission and feel that I’m one of the many long-term members who acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. Your Hobby, Your Passion, One Community.

As the Social Media Manager for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, Lee plays an integral part of the organization’s success. Not just for the AMA, but for the Foundation as well. He works with the Foundation staff to promote events, fundraising campaigns, donor stories, and so much more.

The Foundation wants to give a big thank you to Lee for all of his hard work at the AMA. With his knowledge and expertise, we are able to reach a larger audience and make an even bigger impact on our members, students, clubs, and the hobby as a whole.

Help support some of Lee’s favorite programs by giving to the following funds:

Programs Fund (Camp AMA)

Museum Patron Program (National Model Aviation Museum)

Also, like Lee, you too can become a Torchbearer by picking the fund of your choice and choosing to give monthly!