The Academy of Model Aeronautics offers many grant opportunities for clubs. Read below to find out more about available opportunities.

Club Recognition and Reward Grant

The Academy of Model Aeronautics encourages clubs across the country to take part in events and serve the community in ways that will entice community members to learn more about the hobby of model aviation. To encourage clubs to promote model aviation, the AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage. Learn more here.

Flying Site Improvement Grant

The AMA Flying Site Improvement Grant program provides funding for AMA chartered clubs that are making improvements to their flying sites. Learn more about applying for a flying site improvement grant here.

Disaster Relief Grant

Chartered clubs that suffer damage to their sites through natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquake, fire, or similar catastrophic events, may apply to receive limited financial assistance (up to $500 per incident) to help clubs with the repairs needed to make sure that the damaged flying site is again accessible and usable to club members. Learn more about this program here.

Take Off and Grow Grant

Clubs can apply for TAG grants to assist them in introducing model aviation to its youth, newcomers, friends and neighbors. Learn more about this program here.