Club Grant Applications Move Online

The Holly Springs Skyhawks RC Group took this photo at an event that the club held in September 2022.

The AMA Foundation has made it easier for your club to apply for and receive grant funds!

The Club Recognition and Reward Grant, which previously required clubs to send an application and supporting documents through the mail, can now all be done online. If you visit the website, your club can read the guidelines for the grant and easily apply. Club Recognition and Reward Grants are awarded to clubs that share information about their public events and organizations through radio, television, magazines, or newspapers. These articles/announcements should shine a positive light on the hobby in general. AMA Chartered Clubs can receive up to $175 per year. Grant applications must be submitted within three months of the media coverage. If you have questions, please email

If you would like to encourage other clubs to share the hobby with the public, please consider donating to the AMA Programs Fund.

The flightline was busy all day at the Holly Springs Skyhawks’ Wings Over Springs Charity Electric Fly-In 2022. The group received a Club Recognition and Reward Grant for this article in the December 2022 issue of Model Aviation.